What to Expect When Visiting an Optometrist With Children

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What to Expect When Visiting an Optometrist With Children

My name is Mallory. I am a stay-at-home mom with four children ranging in age from 1 to 8. I decided to create this website because, while I myself have been to an optometrist, I didn't know what the experience would be like when I had to take my oldest daughter. Through this website, I hope to educate other parents on topics about what to expect, how to calm your child's fears and what the experience is like from a child's perspective. If your child is going to their first optometrist appointment in the near future, I hope my website proves useful to you.


When To Seek Emergency Eye Care

24 March 2023
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There are eye problems that aren't considered emergencies, and as such, they can wait for you to come in for a regular appointment to be seen by the optometrist. However, there are other times when something happens that would be considered an eye emergency. If you're experiencing an eye emergency, then you want to call the optometrist immediately and let them know. At that point, they will likely tell you to come right in. Read More …

3 Things You Can Do That May Help Prevent Vision Issues

20 September 2022
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Your vision is important and allows you to see everything in front of you and all around you. Without your vision, you would be missing out on a lot. You need to be careful with your vision and take good care of it to ensure you do not lose it or cause it to deteriorate. To prevent this from happening to your vision, there are a number of things you may be able to do. Read More …

Contact Lenses: The Ultimate Guide For First-Time Users

3 May 2022
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If you're new to contact lenses, you may feel overwhelmed by all the information out there. There are so many things to learn and remember–from inserting them correctly to taking care of them properly.  But don't worry; this comprehensive guide outlines everything you need to know about contact lenses, so you can feel confident and comfortable wearing them. Schedule an Appointment with Your Eye Doctor.  Before you can start wearing contact lenses, you need to get a prescription from your eye doctor. Read More …

3 Reasons Routine Optometrist Services Are a Great Investment for Your Health

5 November 2021
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If it's a while now since you visited an optometrist, you need to schedule an appointment with them right now. The health of your eyes matters a lot. Unfortunately, most people don't give their eye health the attention it needs. It's actually sad that most of them seek optometrist services only when they have developed serious eye issues. But that shouldn't be the case for you. Where possible, you should see an optometrist perhaps twice a year so you can maintain healthy eyes for a long time. Read More …

3 Eye Issues You Should Be Concerned About

22 July 2021
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The eyes are an organ of the body that people rarely think that much about and more than likely don't get examined yearly like they should. If you are not able to see properly, you should get to the optometrist for an exam and to get corrective lenses as required. If you have other eye issues, you may think they may heal on their own, or you may not go to the optometrist for the issue at all until it's too late and you've damaged your vision. Read More …